History of Icelandic Sheep

Good breeding of Icelandic Sheep

Good Sheep BreedingThe ewes lamb easily, have a good milk supply and are good mothers. They usually produce twin lambs, and often triplets. They are seasonal breeders, coming into oestrus any time from the end of September through to May.  By using each ewe’s own natural cycle it is possible to stagger lambing from February through to the end of September.  This is very useful for a continuous supply of meat lambs.

Good taste

The meat is lean and well flavoured.  As a primitive breed, lambs put on weight more slowly than commercial breeds, which gives an extra taste to the meat.  Mutton from a 2-3 year old is a real gastronomic delight.  Icelandic sheep have successfully been crossed with other breeds, such as Shetland or Black Welsh Mountain, to produce a bigger carcassed animal.