The world of Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic Sheep Market Place

"Icelandic Sheep - Colourful All-Rounders"Sept 2017: - See details in previous blog. I have managed to obtain a few copies of Caroline's book! It never appeared on Amazon UK's website, and, as far as I'm aware, is not available anywhere else in the UK. Price is 12.50, which includes 1st Class signed for postage. Contact me via my "Contact" page to order a copy and for payment options (paypal not available).

New book about Icelandic Sheep!!Published (Sept 2015) in English by Caroline Kerstin Mende. "Icelandic Sheep - Colourful All-Rounders" Available directly from Caroline. I have added a pdf to the "Articles" page of my website giving details about the book and its content. The book contains a lot of information about Icelandic sheep and their fleece.

The Wool

Rare breed of sheep from IcelandI maintain a balance of earth colours within the flock of icelandic sheep, with few white sheep, as I prefer to spin and crochet natural colours, rather than dye the wool.  However I can never be certain what colour lambs nature will produce from any particular mating!  It makes lambing time very exciting.

Icelandic sheep have an unusual double-coated fleece that I love to turn into lopi wool.

Living the Dream

There is nothing nicer than watching my icelandic sheep of many colours browsing in the fields against a backdrop of Welsh hills and valleys.  Seeing their coats glint and glow in the sunlight is sheer magic.